Founding Principle of Generosity

Our actions, initiatives, and partnerships are governed by our founding principle of generosity. We strive to create an environment where generosity and benevolence are celebrated and practiced. This principle guides us in supporting charitable causes, promoting social responsibility, and encouraging acts of kindness within the Muslim community.



Our vision is to become the leading global digital hub empowering and connecting Muslims, thereby creating a positive impact on individuals, families, and societies. We envision a world where every Muslim has access to authentic Islamic knowledge, a supportive community, and opportunities for personal and collective growth.



At the Centre of Islam, our primary objective is to fortify and empower the global Muslim community, operating under the guiding principle of generosity. We are dedicated to constructing a digital ecosystem that nurtures unity, facilitates knowledge dissemination, and offers support to Muslims worldwide.



Through our mission and vision, we are committed to making a positive and enduring impact on the lives of Muslims, promoting a sense of belonging, empowerment, and unity within Islamic communities.

We Begin Our Journey, Here

β€œAnd He found you lost and guided [you]. And He found you poor and made [you] self-sufficient.”

Surah Ad Duhaa 93:7-8

Invigorate Donations and Engage More Participants.

We are observing a decrease in interest in the events held at a mosque, a decline in the number of participants joining these events, and a further decrease in donations.

Building Hope for Those Affected by Poverty and Homelessness

There has been a remarkable surge in the demand for Zakat assistance, yet a considerable portion of the population remains unable to access it.

Increasing Divorce Rates and Fractured Families

Given the increasing breakdown of families, it is clear that communities are experiencing reduced integration and socialization.

Social Challenges and Disconnection within the Islamic Community

Globalization, cultural shifts, and technological advancements have led to challenges and disconnections in the contemporary Islamic community. Young Muslims grapple with identity crises and struggle to balance cultural norms with the modern world. The influence of social media further adds to the disconnection and misinformation.

Empower Your Muslim Community Through Uplifting Initiatives

To gain a more profound understanding of how our organization can empower your masjid and communities.

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