• A Consolidation of Information

    Establish a centralised database to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of the community.

  • An Effective Zakat System

    Maximize efficiency and responsiveness in managing Zakat beneficiaries, empowering them to actively contribute.

  • A Social Community of Muslims

    An interconnected network offering resources and assistance amongst its members.

  • A Thriving and Sustainable Ecosystem

    A system that flourishes and sustains itself through the support of Zakat, Donations, and Revenue.

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  • What is the digitalizing of a masjid?

    Digitalizing mosques improves communication, optimizes operations, ensures financial transparency, and establishes direct connections with communities.

  • How can a digitalised masjid mitigate these challenges?

    A digitalized masjid is a powerful and self-reliant establishment that can effectively track, identify, manage, and operate its activities using its own platform.

  • What is the impact of digitalising a masjid?

    In this era of rapid digital transformation, the concept of digitalization empowers masjids to effectively adapt to contemporary trends and technological progress.

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